Thursday, 13 January 2011


There are number of Services comes when you install SQL SERVER in your System, following is their brief description and use 

SQL SERVER - is the main services, it’s for connecting and communicating, managing or let say anything to do with a SQL Server object requires this service to up and running.

SQL SERVER Agent – is for scheduling and execution of job monitors SQL SERVER. Keep it up and running if you have any job, alert or any maintains plan running.  

SQL SERVER Analysis Service – is for OLAP, use this service to create, deployed and use cubes and dimensions. Not required when you don’t have any MOLAP database.  

SQL SERVER Browser – communicate with Server request and provide information about SQL Server instances installed on the computer. You won’t be able to connect to SQL SERVER if this service is off and you haven’t specified all the parameters like which protocol to use etc.

SQL SERVER Integration Services – is for Extraction, load and Transformation (ETL). This service is use to run SSIS packages on a system. If you are not running any SSIS packages on the server than you don’t need this service and it can be disable.

SQL SERVER Fulltext Search – Full text search is the search functionality that enables a fast and easy way of searching text based data in SQL Server. This will create full text indexes on the tables allow you to search faster. Depend on your requirement you can setup and use it.