Tuesday, 15 September 2015


Getting Started....
Microsoft Power BI is reach of features, rich graphics and supports numerous data sources.
To use MS Power BI features you have to signup here. https://powerbi.microsoft.com/

  1. User your organization Email Id for signing up. Microsoft will use your Organization Office 365 Licensing for this.
  2. It verifies your organization email id and Password.
  3. You will get free access but will be limited to few sources and samples only.
  4. To have full access you need to purchase Power BI Pro features.MS provide a 60 days trial pack for pro features :-)
  5. Once sign up it will take few seconds to setup a Power BI work environment for you.   
  6. Following which it will allow you to connect to you with multiple data source options within or outside your organizations

  1. Here I am creating a sample data source using Xlsx (Local File Source) as Source
  2. you will get following like environment

  1. It same as Excel Pivot with little bit different layout but more charts like MAPs.
  2. Following is a sample report-

  1. Overall dashboards will look like

Well I have just started here. Please look for more on this in coming days…………………..



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