Monday, 6 December 2010

MSI File for SSIS Solution Part 1

Well as many developers wondered whether it is possible to have .msi file for SSIS solution.  
Yes we can do it, how …
So here we go –

When you are done with your SSIS development, In Visual Studio go to File à AddàNew project.
Select Project type à Setup and Deployment à Setup Project.

Give it a proper name.

Please remember to perform this activity you need to have Visual Studio as well, only BIDS will not give you this project type.

This will open a File System page. Where you will have different folder where you can add files.
Right click on Application Folder àAddà File

Please browse your .dtsx packages. You can select multiple packages. And click on Open this add all your selected packages in to Setup project.

That’s it.

Once you are done please build the solution and go to Bin Directory.
Here you will see .Msi file when you run this msi file this will extract the all your dtsx packages to the location you provide.

Let me say one more thing “It just work in the way zip files works.”

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