Thursday, 16 December 2010

SSRS 2008/2008 R2 New Features

Data Source
Microsoft SQL Azure data source – connects to SQL SERVER database in cloud.
Microsoft SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse data source – Connect SQL SERVER parallel data warehouse.
Haven’t really worked with this one. ;).so not much clue on this one.
Microsoft SharePoint List data source – Connects to SharePoint List and pull information from there.
Lot of clients ask for this one and is really is a charm.

Now SSRS Reports can have two Axis. Which allow us to create 2 types of chart in a single chart area, Like combination of bar and Line chart. That has been asked by many clients in past, I am glad now this can be easily achieved.

Now we can have tooltip on the data point’s gives end user to get the exact number at any data point of a chart.

Sparklines, Data Bars and Indicators
Sparklines and data bars are charts that can be used within table or matrix. This will help to compare information at same time.
Indicators are red, yellow and green light or symbol to visualize data in row.

Text Rotation
Text Rotation Functionality is available, now we can rotate text to 270 degree make it fit into our text boxes.

New Charts and Gauges
Charts and gauges have been improved. They look more attractive.

Map and Spatial data functionality
New Map features allow you to connect your spatial data with Map. Mapping was the key element missing from SQL Server reporting. Including it made SSRS a complete Reporting package.

Integration with SharePoint 2010
Is more effective. Now subscriptions and drill-through links will work directly. End User can access new report builder from SharePoint and create and deploy reports.

Well that’s all for now, will be working on this individual point and publish individual example for every one of this features. Thanks.

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