Monday, 20 December 2010

Report Builder Vs BIDS

Many people ask this Question they also wonder how different it is from Business intelligence Development studio (BIDS), when to use, which one to use
So this is how it works-
Report Builder
Report builder is a Client tool, Web based interface. It comes with SQL SERVER reporting Services and integrated with Report manager. It allows End User to create, modify and deploy reports on Report Server.
is a development tool and should only be used while development process.

Report builder
Report builder is client tool for End Users
BIDS is a Development tool , for development purpose or  for developers
Use it when you have to dynamic Query. Example - Like  when you already have some reports on Report server and while viewing those reports your end user might think of a new kind of report or want to add something in excising reports than he can click on Report builder Link and create/modify a report and deploy it to the Report Server.
Use it when your development phase is going on. Its development tool, developer does unit testing from his side before deployment. It can be also used to deploy bunch of reports
Only one report at a time concept.
Many reports open together and worked with
Report Parts can be utilized here and published as well.
Report parts cannot be utilized. But can only be published
create all kind of chart, gauges, maps etc
create all kind of chart, gauges, maps etc
No Installation required for users.
Separate installation is required.
Available only if you have permission
Permission is not applicable here as its for development purpose only. So if you doing the development and you have SQL Server license you can install this tool in your machine.


  1. Nice to the point article. Thanks.

  2. In Fact you don't need BIDS if you propely define your semantic layer. If you need to use BIDS you do someting wrong.